The Benefits of Doves for Funerals

June 15, 2017by alex

A dove release at a funeral or at a memorial service is aimed at bringing comfort and peace to those left behind, as the doves flying in the air are symbolic of their loved one ascending to the heavens.
White doves for funerals are a loving and inspirational gift along with flowers for your dear departed. When you choose a white dove release this will assist in the beginning of the grieving process as it will open the door so that you can “let go”. A dove release for a funeral will ensure that the service will always be remembered by those in attendance.
How a Dove Funeral Works
The funeral birds will be highly trained and they will fly high into the sky and are very likely to circle a few times before heading off to their home lofts which can be several miles away. It is a truly breathtaking and inspirational sight.
When the funeral service has ended beside the graveside, doves are released by members of the family from baskets that have been beautifully decorated. These birds will fly into the sky and start to circle as they await your loved one’s spirit to join them.
Just after this another family member (usually the closest to the deceased) will release a final dove that is a representation of your dear departed’s spirit. This solitary dove will join the other birds and then they will all fly off together to make their way to their home.
The Symbolism of Doves at a Funeral
White doves are becoming more and more popular at funerals and memorial services because they symbolize the deepest sense of spirituality. It is strongly believed that a white dove will carry the souls of departed people right to heaven. You will often see doves portrayed on graves as they represent the eternal peace of a loved one.
It doesn’t really matter what traditions you follow or what you believe, in your heart you will always want to feel that your loved one has moved on to somewhere secure and peaceful. This brings a great deal of comfort to those left behind. The releasing of doves should be seen as saying your final goodbye.
You have a Number of Options
When you are organizing a dove ceremony there are a number of options available to you. You can represent the Holy Trinity by releasing three doves to symbolize the father, the son and the Holy Spirit. Finally a single dove is released which represents the departed joining the Holy Trinity in Heaven.
You can choose to release seven doves which will symbolize seven angels in white and this is said to achieve spiritual perfection. Or you can choose to release twelve doves which will symbolize the twelve blessings of love, hope, grace, joy, strength, wonder, perseverance, praise, faith, peace, comfort and benevolence.
If a military ceremony is being held then 21 doves can be released to represent a 21 gun salute. This will acknowledge the service that your loved one has provided to the military and your country and is very respectful.
If you are looking for white dove release in Seattle then Seattle White Dove has everything that you need to provide your loved one with the perfect send off. Their birds are very well trained and different options are available.

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