5 Reasons Why You Should Have A Dove Release Wedding

August 6, 2017by alex


Marriage is said to be a union of hearts and minds and for this reason it is viewed as immaculate love between the couple. They share this love in all walks of life especially during times of ups and downs. To symbolize this, in some weddings white doves are released. Now let’s look at some reasons for you to release white doves at your wedding:
1. The doves are always associated with love, and white is the symbol of peace. So marriage depicts peace and love. The tradition is to release the white doves in a pair symbolizing the couple and it is done after the couples are declared husband and wife.

2. Some groups or sects have a tradition where the doves are released in more than one pair. This celebration is made to symbolize the new couple starting their new life and exchange their unhindered love with their life partner. White doves are made available for release by reputable wedding agencies.

3. You should know that dove release also represents the bride and the groom, flying off from their parents’ home to start a new family life together. From prehistoric times, these birds have been thought to bring happiness, love, and peace, which are all significant to a great wedding. They should be white as this is a shade of innocence and purity.

4. There is also a custom of fastening a blue and pink band to the wedding dove’s legs to define the sex of the baby that will be born first. If a bird with a blue ribbon goes up first, it shows that it will be a boy; if the pink ribbon bird flies first then it will be a girl. Some couple’s don’t fasten ribbons, but merely observe whose dove goes up first. A groom’s bird represents a boy, a bride’s bird a girl. Likewise, they can also set the leader of the pair. It’s a fine sign when the doves fly alongside or sit someplace together. In this fashion, they forecast a welcoming and close family.

5. Pleasant Photography – It normally requires an experienced photographer to photograph this memorable event, and the agency can usually provide the services of this kind of photographer. Interestingly, these birds are so well trained that they will return to the handler after flying for some time. The success of this event entirely depends on the efficiency of the handler. Normally, the birds are taken out of their cage just before they are to be released by the couple. A dove release is certainly a memorable event worth watching.
There have been lots of appealing and significant customs connected to the wedding ritual. Unfortunately not many individuals pursue them and even fewer people comprehend their symbolism. But a dove release at a wedding is still fairly popular. What a gorgeous spectacle it is, when a pair of snowy pure birds goes up to the skies from the hands of the newlyweds!
Dove release is usually only done through evening time. They may be not released inside of the marriage hall. They are also not released under cloudy weather conditions. For the very best dove release service with full support in Seattle and the surrounding areas contact Seattle White Dove here.

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