The Releasing of White Doves for Weddings

June 10, 2017by alex

You may be considering the release of two white doves at the end of your wedding ceremony. This is the perfect symbol for your marriage as the white dove will be lucky for you. Doves only choose one partner for life and you will want the same.
Dove Release for Weddings Steeped in History
The releasing of white doves at weddings dates back centuries. There is evidence of this ritual dating back over 4,500 years to the 5th Egyptian Dynasty. They were not the only culture that saw the white dove as inspiring when it came to love.
You will find many white doves used in art that is centuries old. There are also records of them in literature going back even further than this. In the South Seas and Europe the releasing of white doves at a wedding ceremony was seen as a way to bless the married couple, and symbolized love, prosperity and peace for them both.
Doves for your Wedding Ceremony
A magical atmosphere is created when white doves are released. The pair of doves will circle in the sky and then begin their new journey together. This makes dove releases the perfect fit for any wedding ceremony.
Real white doves are rarely used for wedding ceremony releases. Usually a pair of white homing pigeons are used instead. They belong to the same family, but the pigeon has far superior flying skills. To use real doves would be counterproductive and could actually be a negative experience for the married couple.
Doves do not have the same homing instinct as pigeons and their demeanor can be described as “skittish”. This kind of demeanor can invite starvation and suffering which is the last thing you want at a wedding ceremony. It is even said that releasing real doves can end up with them being at the mercy of predators when they are in unfamiliar territory.
The homing pigeon is often referred to as a dove and is ideal for wedding releases. It does not have the same skittish demeanor and is certainly a good flyer. The homing pigeon can be trained and they will be more comfortable with being around people.
What to look out for with Dove Hire for Weddings
When a couple is intending to use white doves at their wedding they should always check with the provider of the service that only trained white homing pigeons will be used for the release.
Also it is a good idea to verify that the homing pigeons are healthy and that they are experienced flyers with many hours of flight time. The provider should also ensure that the birds are handled correctly at the ceremony through the proper training. When the release is taking place there should be a dove handling professional around as well.
Don’t choose a white bird release service that cannot prove that it treats its pigeons well and has a good reputation in the industry. You will need to agree a set up time for the release and ensure that the birds arrive in good time. A good dove release provider will have a license to operate and keep health records for all of its birds. You should also be able to obtain references from the provider.
If your wedding is going to be in Seattle then the obvious choice is Seattle White Dove. They specialize in clean and healthy birds that have been trained properly, and the birds will amaze you with their flying skills.
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