Common wedding release ceremonies

September 27, 2015by alex

Dove ceremonies
Release dove handlers each offer their own unique list of release ceremonies to choose from. Some companies will offer either untrained homers, ringnecks, or other types of pigeon or dove. Those types of birds are likely to end up in the claws of a hawk, owl or cat, since they are unable to survive on their own in the wild.

Common wedding release ceremonies
the “hand release” in which the bride and groom hold two doves which are then released together
the “flurry” or “flock release” in which the bride and groom release two birds by hand or from a box and then a larger group of doves are released shortly afterward to join them in the sky.
Common memorial release ceremonies
the “spirit” in which a single dove is released,
the “trinity” in which three doves are released, followed by a single dove representing the soul of the deceased.
the “12 dove” in which a single dove is first released, followed by twelve doves.

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