Weddings ~ Seattle White Doves
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Make any occasion more memorable

with a white dove release…

The options are endless,

and so is the experience.

Celebrate your Special Event with Snow White Doves

Whether you are having a traditional wedding or an outdoor wedding, a white dove release will enhance the experience of your special day.

From the beginning of time, doves have represented love, peace, purity, and fidelity. Doves are the perfect symbol of a marriage because they choose their mate and are faithful to them for life.

 Indoor Wedding
Traditionally, the release is performed as the bride and groom exit the building together, with your guests outside awaiting your appearance. This is often done instead of throwing rice or birdseed.

 Outdoor Wedding
The release usually is performed after vows are exchanged and you are introduced as Mr. and Mrs., though we can personalize any release. This release of white doves enriches the moment as your guests applaud your union together.

We work with many wedding planners who will be happy to assist you in scheduling your Dove Release.

 Dove Displays
The doves cannot be released inside. However, we do offer a variety of dove display cages for indoor use.