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Wedding Prices



An Act of Beauty, a Joy to Remember!


For your wedding day, we offer a unique doves to be display in beautiful cages at your wedding as a symbol of everlasting love:


2 Birds for $250 or $150 with another package.


*These doves cannot be released*

Service 2


Two doves for the Bride and Groom to release. Choose a hand held release or a basket.


The symbol of Love, Peace and Hope uniting of the couple’s life.


A special price applies for $265.

Dove Release

Service 3


Traditionally, the release two doves is performed as the bride and groom exit the church together, with your guests outside awaiting your appearance.


This is often done instead of throwing rice or birdseed. Ten doves for your guests.


A Special Price: 12 birds for $425

Release White Doves From Basket

Service 4


Five doves two for the Bride and Groom and three representing God Trinity .


Price $295


Six , Seven  or Eight Doves –representing Wisdom,Strength,Honor,Glory, Understanding,Praise and Blessing.


Price $325 – $425


White Balloon Doves – $12

Service 5


All other occasions, the options are endless… And so is the experience!


Dove Release prices range from $75 to $500, depending on location and number of doves released. Mileage, Parking,Entrance Fees & Overtime  there may be other fees.

The package fee is based upon 15 mile range from my area in Kent.WA 98031, beyond we charge $1 per mile (one way).

Lanna, Doves Owner

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